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St. Judes – A Humbling Recognition Tracing 15 Years

St. Judes started with the aim to selflessly serve those suffering from childhood cancer. The journey that started in Mumbai in 2006 with eight families, today spans over nine cities taking care of over 500 children and their families every day. St. Judes completed 15 years of this journey last year. It gives the organisation even more joy when its work is recognised and appreciated through various regional newspapers and websites.

In the past few months, St. Judes’ achievements have been shared in various newspapers such as Shaila Prabaha, Asom Batori, Purbottar Bengali, North East Business Mirror, Purbottar Nepali, Siliguri Observer, Business – The Mileage English and many more.

Excerpts from the article –

Founded in 2006 by Mrs. Shyama and Mr. Nihal Kaviratne CBE, St. Jude India ChildCare Centres (St. Judes) provides a free of cost home away from home for those undergoing childhood cancer treatment. These children, accompanied by their parents, come from small villages and distant towns to metros for medical treatment for cancer.

St. Judes works alongside Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, AlIMS New Delhi, Tata Medical Centre Kolkata, and various other cancer hospitals in nine cities pan India. The organisation provides free of cost accommodation and holistic support to these children to improve their chances of surviving cancer and leading a healthy, happy lives.

In 2020, a new vertical St. Judes For Life (Founded in Memory of Mrs. Rani Vicaji) was launched to ensure children who have won the battle against cancer are able to fulfil their potential. This vertical provides timely assistance to St. Judes alumni, referred to as Judians, to complete their education, maintain good health and lead successful lives.

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