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Chhavi Mittal at St. Judes on World Cancer Day

St. Judes has been striving to help children successfully fight cancer for the last 15 years. With the aim that no child suffering from cancer should be left untreated, we are happy to be recognised as ‘A home away from home’ for these young cancer warriors battling this deadly disease.

In order to spread more awareness and information about this disease, ‘World Cancer Day’ is celebrated globally on February 4th every year. St. Judes marked this eventful day by welcoming a special guest at one of its centres.

Popular film and television actress and a content creator, Chhavi Mittal Hussein visited our Cotton Green Campus on World Cancer Day this year. There could not have been a more relatable guest for our children as, on 25th April 2022 after being diagnosed with breast cancer, she underwent surgery and stood strong to battle the disease. She is now a cancer survivor

During her visit, Chhavi interacted with the children and encouraged them. Cheerfully mingling with them, she engaged with the young Childhood Cancer patients through various games and playful activities. The happiness on the faces of our young residents was evident as they enjoyed their time with her. She also participated in a basket-making session with the mothers.

Chhavi also went live on Instagram to interact with viewers, helping us create awareness about childhood cancer. She began by saying –

“These are all very very sweet kids and they are all suffering from CANCER. And they are all battling it with a lot of gusto, (and) they are all undergoing their treatment right here at St. Judes. It’s an amazing feeling to be amongst them.”

It was a special day, truly well spent at one of the biggest centres of SJICC (St. Jude India Childcare centres) for Chhavi. She signed off the live video by saying –

“So we are having a lot of fun here at St. Jude India Childcare centre. I am really happy to be here today, it’s World Cancer Day and (i am) just doing my bit. I hope you guys enjoyed the live.” 

Eventually they signed off the viewers with a heartfelt message of –

“Love and peace from us to you!”

Click here to watch this memorable occasion and see what Chhavi had to say about her visit:

Every gesture of goodwill, monetary or otherwise, goes a long way in making a difference. Be part of St. Judes journey in adding that little sunshine and sparkle in the lives of these little warrior children in their battle against Childhood Cancer!


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