Our Values

Our Vision

To nurture and develop our sustainable model that places children undergoing treatment for various diseases on the path to a happy and healthy life. In doing so, we hope every child will realise their potential and transform their lives.

Our Mission

To facilitate the recovery of children undergoing treatment for serious chronic diseases like cancer by providing clean, safe and cost-free accommodation.

Our Values

  • Commitment: We are committed to serving patients and their families with deep compassion and an unwavering passion to deliver results.
  • Excellence: We strive to exceed expectations, making no compromise on quality and rigorous discipline. Continuous innovation helps us stay ahead.
  • Action: Our ‘small company soul’ gives us the agility to make quick decisions and the imagination to succeed. We think big, start small, and move fast.
  • Team Work: We know our responsibilities based on the Task Lists, with strong collaboration among the sub-teams and a winning spirit derived from openness and trust.
  • Integrity: We are principled, transparent in our actions, consistent and reliable in all our dealings. We confidently stand by our beliefs, even when it’s tough.
  • Care: Everything that we do is done with attention to detail, diligence and interest so as to do it correctly. All our efforts are made with due consideration to the value that it adds to our beneficiaries. Care would also mean that we are genuinely concerned about the wellbeing of not only our families but also our colleagues and external agencies we deal with.
  • Giving Back (Kar Seva): At St. Judes we believe that service before self is a primary value to possess, to be able to provide the care and compassion required to take care of the families living with us.

Our Beneficiaries

Our alumni who have completed five years from the date of diagnosis of cancer and have recovered post the cancer treatment qualify to be in St. Judes for Life. The age of the children who enroll in St. Judes for Life range from six years to the mid-20s. The children who stayed during the early years of the centres are now teenagers and young adults on the threshold of higher education and careers. Moreover, SJFL provides customised support to the survivors from the age of six as required.
Every time a child crosses the five-year mark since his/her cancer diagnosis and is termed as a survivor, we enroll the child into the programme and provide them with all the support they need just like the facilities provided to them at our centres during the difficult period of cancer treatment.