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6 Ways In Which Childhood Cancer Can Be Defeated

For ages, mankind has been battling diseases and ailments. Over the years, there have been  improved methods and technologies that aim to prevent and cure of these illnesses. However, while the disease of cancer still lurks, with proper treatment and care, it has become comparatively less fatal.
Studies reveal that there’s much more to be done, especially among children who suffer from this painful illness.

A study in 2014 revealed that cancer was the ninth most common cause of death among children between 5 to 14 years of age in India. (www.indian
A way to arrest the growing rate is to increase the proportion of various medical centres and NGOs that offer community treatment at very low or zero rates.
Diverse treatment methods such as radiation, medication, and chemotherapy help to eliminate cancer. However, other emotional factors like love, attention and care, play an extremely vital role in the treatment process. Along with the child, families also goes through stress and anxiety associated with cancer. Therefore, it’s imperative consider all the variables for a speedy and less hectic recovery.

Some of the major hurdles faced are:

1. Cost Factor

Lower and middle-income groups find it difficult to make ends meet, and are burdened financially by the treatment processes. Hence, it’s important to support the underprivileged section of society.
With your support and ours, let’s ease their burden together 

2. Physical Condition

Cancer treatment like radiation and chemotherapy take a toll on the children’s bodies. Therefore, it’s important they have suitable physical strength, which can only be provided through nutrition.
A wholesome and nutritious meal with a sprinkle of love gives strength 

3. Hygiene Is Important

Lower-income groups have to spend large sums of their income on treatment costs, forcing them to compromise on basic necessities. Families that travel to different locations for treatment often have to take shelter on sidewalks or unhygienic places as they cannot afford housing. Living in unclean, contaminated spaces increases the risks of secondary infections.
Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
Along with the solutions mentioned above, acceptance and awareness within our societies is paramount.
Let us take baby steps, which we hope grow into giant strides, towards improving childhood cancer by playing our part. Please do volunteer with your time or donations. Even a small contribution goes a long way.
A tender and delicate bud should be nurtured properly for it to bloom…
Apart from nutrition and education, all children need love and soothing care. During difficult treatment and recovery, all they wish for is a comforting touch by their side and a reassurance that they are not alone.
We at St. Judes strive endlessly to work toward providing children battling cancer with the best care and support.

1. Providing Accommodation

We have well-equipped facilities to provide shelter to the child and their families. Each family gets their own room with a private kitchen space and common bathrooms with hygienic toilets, bathing areas, and a place to wash their clothes.

2. Nutrition Matters

We believe that the child should consume wholesome and home-cooked food. With the ration being replenished once every week, families are provided with all cooking essentials and requirements needed.

3. Convenience Of Transport

As the treating hospitals are not always be located nearby, we offer comfortable transport facilities for traveling back and forth.

4. Counseling

Families usually shift away from home for treatment and are often left with little support. We organise counseling sessions for children and their families to address their fears and apprehensions.

5. Education

Treatment often interrupts a child’s education. For them to stay up-to-date with their school studies and acquire new skills, St. Judes conducts educational sessions within the centres.

6. Music-Based Therapy And Yoga

While yoga relaxes the body and mind and decreases stress, music therapy improves their quality of life by reducing anxiety and fatigue.
Together we can and together we will!
With collective effort, we can beat cancer and bring smiles back on the faces of these children. Let’s join hands with St. Judes and make this world a better place.

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