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St. Judes On Completing One Year of Marking the Alliance with Star Health

St. Jude India ChildCare Centers are dedicated to spreading smiles and happiness amongst childhood cancer warriors. Their holistic model of support has ensured that every child with cancer gets the chance to beat the disease. Even after completing treatment successfully, these children face challenges. They need help while they try to reintegrate into society and return to their daily lives while taking care of their health.

With this in mind, St. Judes for Life (Founded in Memory of Mrs. Rani Vicaji) was started with the belief that ‘Once a St. Judes child, always a St. Judes child’. The vertical is always available to support our survivours (proudly called Judians). From the time of their enrolment to completing five years since diagnosis of cancer, St. Judes for Life provides appropriate intervention, directly or through experienced partners, to support, mentor and enable Judians to become upright contributing members of society.

In a unique initiative launched in 2021, children supported by St Judes during their cancer treatment and who are now cancer-free were provided health and accident coverage by Chennai-based Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited. The initiative covered 596 children in its first year [270 children under Health and 326 children under Accident], and each year, at least 500 children are added to this group as part of St. Judes for Life.

Providing Judians with health insurance and accident cover was a vital step in focusing on the much-overlooked gap in health insurance coverage. The Rotary Club of Madras Temple City was instrumental in facilitating this association and continues to work for the welfare of the children at St. Judes.

On the first anniversary of the initiative, Anil Nair, St. Judes CEO, said, “At St Judes, we walk with the vision to ensure that timely and appropriate assistance is available to Judians – to empower them to complete their education, maintain good health, and lead successful lives. The health coverage enables them with a sense of security to lead a fulfilling life and work towards their goals and aspirations without any fear. We take great pride and happiness on a successful one year of the program.”

Together with our many helpful partners like Star Health and Allied Insurance, we at St. Judes will continue to strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those who have childhood cancer.


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