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Thankful For Arjun Kapoor & Rasika Duggal For Praising St. Judes

Encouraging Support From Arjun Kapoor And Rasika Duggal For SJFL Having Completed 2 Years

St. Judes has been working tirelessly to provide holistic care and hygienic accommodation to childhood cancer patients. A collective effort from doctors, donors, families, and St. Judes staff has ensured these children can successfully overcome the disease.

However, the children continue to face challenges in their lives even after completing their treatment. The hardships faced by them and their families during treatment are enormous and they often need help to reintegrate into society. They require appropriate guidance to fulfill their ambitions and lead successful self-sufficient lives. St. Judes provides these Childhood Cancer survivors, proudly known as Judians, the appropriate tools they need to stand on their feet and lead healthy happy lives.

With this in mind, we started our initiative, St. Judes for Life (Founded in Memory of Mrs. Rani Vicaji). We believe that ‘Once a St. Judes child, always a St. Judes child’. Children nurtured and treated at our centers are special and share a lifelong bond with St. Judes. St. Judes for Life ensures that we are always be available to support and guide our Judians. 

St. Judes for Life recently received encouragement and appreciation from two distinguished and successful personalities. We are thankful and delighted to share the genuinely supportive words offered by Arjun Kapoor and Rasika Duggal.

“You guys have already shown immense strength and fighting spirit. Now is the time to let your dreams take shape. So go ahead and nurture them please.” said Arjun Kapoor. “Be the sunshine and always spread happiness around. I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to St. Judes India childcare centers and St. Judes for life for supporting Judians to achieve their best as well as take a healthy life ahead,” he added.

Rasika Duggal shared “Hello Judians, you have embarked on a new phase in your life. The worst is behind you. Now you can look forward to leading a happy and healthy life”. She continued “Don’t stop till your dreams come true. I would like to thank SJFL and St. Judes India childcare centers for enabling and supporting Judians”.

We are delighted to receive your love and support and aim to take this forward to touch the lives of many more suffering from Childhood Cancer.


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