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Stories of Hope

  • Anchal Suresh Kumar

    Anchal Kumar, a thirteen-year-old from Bihar, visited AIIMS Delhi in 2014 for blood cancer treatment. Being in the national capital for the first time, the family had a tough time navigating a big city and finding a clean and hygienic place to stay. After staying in some dharmshalas, someone told them about St. Judes, and they came to our Delhi centre. It wasn’t long before they started actively participating in the activities planned by the centre and made St. Judes an integral part of their lives. Anchal took an interest in the art and crafts sessions conducted by the centre. Anchal’s mother, too, knitted and taught other mothers the art of knitting.

    Anchal was with us for eight months and then began maintenance treatment. She last visited the centre in November 2019 and is now a cancer survivor.

    Currently, Anchal is in the 8th grade and loves cooking and sketching in her free time.

  • Pradip Pal

    Pradip Pal, a seventeen-year-old from West Bengal, visited our Premashraya Centre in Kolkata in 2018 with his parents. His father is a farmer, and his mother is a homemaker. They had difficulty coping when they came to Kolkata as they knew no one in the city and were very thankful to have found a place like St. Judes. Pradip was treated for Hodgkin Lymphoma at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata. He completed his chemotherapy and went back home in October 2018. Now, he visits for routine check-ups. He was persistent and diligent in learning and studying with our centre teachers and always gave his best. His dedication towards education did not stop there. After returning home, he worked hard to catch up on what he missed out on and passed his exams with flying colours in all his exams.

  • Vinay Saini

    Vinay Saini, from Mumbai, visited our Parel Centre and later stayed at our Kharghar and Cotton Green Centres for his treatment. Vijay was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2015 and underwent treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. His father, a daily wage labourer and his mother, a homemaker (who passed away in 2021 due to an illness), made sure that he received the appropriate cancer treatment. They lived in our centre and completed his cancer treatment successfully in November 2020.

    Vinay is now a cancer survivor. He visits the centre regularly for his follow-ups. He has completed his graduation and has set up a computer store. During his last visit, he told us that he got married, is well-settled and living a normal life.

  • Omkar Mithe

    Omkar Mithe, an eighteen-year-old from Nashik, visited our Rani Vicaji Memorial Ward Centre in 2009, Nashik, after he was diagnosed with blood cancer. His parents were thrilled when they found St. Judes, which was like their second family. They were delighted to see that everyone ate together at the centre, and the families were ready to volunteer and pitch in, in case of emergencies.

    When they left in 2017, they expressed gratitude and thanked the St. Jude Centre. According to them, without St. Judes their son’s treatment would not have been possible.

  • Rutuja Pawar

    Rutuja Pawar, an eighteen-year-old from Solapur, visited our Cotton Green Campus in 2010 after she was diagnosed with cancer. Her father, a daily wage labourer, and her mother, a homemaker, made sure she underwent cancer treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

    Rutuja has always been a bright girl. She would happily participate in the activities conducted by the centre and also worked hard at her academics.

    Rutuja sums up her experience with our St. Judes centre - the spirit of never giving up - something she will practice for the rest of her life. She is pursuing a BSc in nursing and aspires to become a nurse. 

  • Aniket Ghorpade

    Aniket Ghorpade, a nineteen-year-old from Buldhana, visited our Mumbai centre in 2016 after he was diagnosed with blood cancer. He came with his parents to undergo treatment at Tata Memorial Hospital. Aniket is a remarkable cancer warrior - he would willingly participate in all the activities planned by the centre. His brave spirit gave him the strength to keep up with his education throughout his treatment. 

    Aniket defeated cancer in 2019 and is a cancer survivor. He aspires to join the Indian Army someday.