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April 2019

St. Judes Enters Vellore!

The two centres, which have been operational since May 2018, were formally inaugurated earlier this year on April 28, 2019. We were most delighted that one of our donors, Mr. N. G. Chanrai, drove down from Chennai with his friend Mr. Srinivasan for the function. Along with them, our local well-wishers, doctors and members of the St. Judes’ team also participated in the event.

The inauguration started with Mr. Chanrai and Manisha Parthasarathy from our team lighting the inaugural lamp, followed by a warm welcome planned by the enthusiastic children and their happy families.

The children had organised a special dance performance for the guests. The function ended with a vote of thanks by the children who offered everyone a beautiful handmade card and paper flowers made by their parents.

In Vellore, we have partnered with Christian Medical College (CMC), one of India’s most prominent cancer centres where a large number of children are treated every year. Several children and their families come to the College from smaller towns and villages. For them, the biggest challenge is that of accommodation. Without a place to stay, the risk of abandoning the treatment increases as patients are unable to continually travel long distances to get therapy.

St. Judes has been striving to bridge that gap across India and our partnership with CMC Vellore is another big step in that direction.