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Team Members

Our team members (TMs) are senior level volunteers who bring their expertise and experience as advisors to St Judes. Their dedication and commitment to helping the cancer affected children has helped us keep our administrative costs low.
We work on the principle “Jobs to be done”. We divide the work in small teams of volunteers and support staff, and focus on the tasks to be carried out.
Our central teams work on the broad areas that relate to every St Judes centre while our city teams undertake the responsibility of setting up a centre and oversee its efficient functioning. These team members then build a team and recruit support staff whose commitment and vision is in line with us, thus ensuring the seamless replication of the St. Jude model across India.
St. Judes is fortunate to have also had the following valued friends, supporters and advisors over the years.
Dr. Ajanta Narvekar | Ambalika Banerji | Dara Mehta | D Jacinta Rao | Hemant Bakshi | Ireena Vittal | Kedar Lele | Neeru Saluja | Praneeta Diwanji | Ritu Uberoi | Roshini Bakshi | Sanjib Bezbaroa | Tej Sahni | Vidya Upalekar | Vivek Pandit | Janaki Banerjee | MS Shabbir | M Abdul Haq